Multi-Colored Clay Beaded Bracelets

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These cute multi-colored bracelets are the perfect accessory to any outfit. These bracelets are handmade with a variety of colorful clay beads, 14K gold plated spacer beads, and different colored smiley face beads. The string and beads that make up these bracelets are high-quality, but to keep the bracelets as long as possible I have included some steps to take. (Suggested) Take precautions, water contact is not recommended for this product for it may decrease the longevity of this product. Keep away from water, do not swim or shower with these earrings in. Again these are just some precautions to take if you want your jewelry to last as long as it can, so these actions are optional.

*You can also request different sizes for the pack of bracelets when checking out. 

All orders of jewelry are made when the order is purchased, and is cleaned before the product is shipped to the customer. 

-Thank you!😊