American Flag Uncle Sam Hat Charm Earrings

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These festive American Flag Uncle Sam Hat charm earrings are perfect for any 4th of July party! These earrings are handmade with gold enamel American Flag Hat charms with an alloy center. The clasp earring hooks are high-quality gold plated stainless steel and  don't tarnish easily. Keep it away from water for a long period of time. It is not advised to swim or shower with these accessories, for it may tarnish and/or decrease the longevity of this product. 

*The clasp earring hooks are the only option for these earrings, at this time.

If you need custom sizes, and/or have any questions(regarding this product or others), reach out to me via email: or in the box before ordering the product. ADDITIONAL FEES MAY APPLY. 

All orders of jewelry are made when the order is purchased, and is cleaned before the product is shipped to the customer. 


-Thank you!😊